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Mi-FilE Court legal documents

Michigan Courts: Service of Process

Choose the Court you filed your case in and use one of their Court Officers to serve your legal documents. Fast and Seamless service of process by Court-Appointed Court process servers. 

Select your participating court or court officer

District Courts

Choose the District Court your case was filed in for Landlord Tenant, Small Claims, Writs of Restitution  or General Civil case service of process. ***Under Michigan law, you are required to use a court officer appointed out of the district court your case was filed in to perform an eviction or seize property

Circuit Courts

Choose the Circuit Court your case was filed in for service of process for  Personal Protection Orders, General Civil, Writs of Restitution or Divorce cases.

Process Servers

If you know which Process Server you want to use, select their name below to place an order. 


Gouranger is an online court process service marketplace.  We provide a platform connecting court-appointed court officers and process servers with attorneys and other court-filers.  

Gouranger is perfect for District Court legal documents such as:

Summons & Complaints-Landlord Tenant

Summons & Complaints-General Civil

Writs of Restitution

Orders of Eviction-Landlord Tenant

Orders of Seizure of Property


Michigan Court: Service of Process

MI-File Document Service

Deliver your MI-File Court Documents and other Electronic Legal Documents to Court Appointed Process Servers in Michigan

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Why Use A Court Appointed Court Officer to serve your legal documents?

  • Fair Pricing: Court-Appointed Court Officers charge prices that closely align with statutory requirements

  • Integrity: Court-Appointed Court Officers are accountable to the Chief Judge of the Court they serve to provide quality service 
  • Court Access:  Court-Appointed Court Officers work in and out of their courts so any issues with service of process are resolved by them directly with the Courts they serve 
  • Professionalism: Court-Appointed Court Officers must adhere to the highest professional standards in the industry to maintain their positions and many are current and former law enforcement officers having served in their community for their entire career

Michigan Courts: Service of Process

is your court in the next wave of courts to use mi-file?

The benefits of using Gouranger
  • Get Paid Up Front: Court-Appointed Court Officers using Gouranger get paid for the work they do immediately–No More Invoicing!
  • Case Management: Gouranger Makes is Easy to Receive and Manage Service of Mi-File legal documents
  • Online Presence:  Gouranger provides you with your own URL (sample: www.1stdistrictcourt.gouranger.com) with your own pricing to promote your own online
  • Link to Your Court’s Website: We work with your Court to promote your participation with Gouranger
  • Gouranger Promotion: We promote you to attorneys and court users across the State, so you are first in mind to hire for service of process out of your court

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Top Featured Frequently Asked Question

A District Court Officer  will be assigned to the order within 24 hours. Once assigned, the District Court Officer’s name and phone number will be available on the Order Status Page if you need to speak to the Court Officer directly regarding your order.

When the order for service has been completed, the Court Officer will upload a Proof of Service into your Gouranger Account which can be downloaded by logging into your Gouranger Account and under the Order Status tab, locating the Order and Court Case number.  You will also receive an e-mail with the Proof of Service attached as a PDF file send to the e-mail associated with your account.  

After placing an order, the status of service can be found in the Order Status Page in your account. A Process Server will be assigned to the order within 24 hours. Once assigned, the Process Server’s name and phone number will be available on the Order Status Page if you need to speak to the Process Server directly regarding your order.

Refunds are available upon the approval of the District Court Process Server.  Contact the Process Server assigned to your order to request a refund, if necessary.

The District Court Appointed Process Servers set their own pricing. Pricing may differ from Court to Court. Under Michigan Law the cost of service is set by statute but can be modified if agreed to in writing. By consenting to the Gouranger terms of service, you agree to pricing as set by the District Court Officer that may be higher than the statutory amount.

The total cost of an Order for Service will consist of a Service Fee per defendant, Mileage Fee, Print Fee and a Gouranger Administrative fee of 13%. Service Fees are set by Michigan Statue: MCL 600.2559. However, a process server may charge a separate price if agreed in writing. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of use of the Gouranger Platform, users agree in writing to that the Process Server may charge higher prices.  In nearly all cases, participating District Court Officers charge a low blended flat fee for Service that includes Mileage, plus print fees, which are close to the statutory service rates.

In most cases, District Court Process Servers are Court Officers appointed to serve documents out of the Court they serve by the Chief Judge of that Court. They are not employees of Gouranger. Gouranger is an independent platform used by District Court Court Officers to transact business with attorneys and other Court-Filers. Courts appoint Court Officers who meet the highest levels of professionalism in the industry.

Mi-File is the electronic filing system (e-filing) that the Supreme Court of Michigan has mandated all Michigan District Courts to implement. Filers use the Mi-File system to electronically open new cases and submit documents to Michigan Courts. Gouranger is NOT a part of the Mi-File system.  Gouranger runs parallel to the Mi-File system and provides an easy solution for filers to upload legal documents that are required to be hand-served to defendants and order process serving services from Court-Appointed District Court Process Servers.

Yes, we have open APIs. Please contact us at Support@Gouranger.com if you are a law firm interested in integrating with Gouranger.

Questions regarding use of the Gouranger platform can be sent to Support@Gouranger.com. Questions and concerns will be responded to as quickly as possible. If you have question regarding the status of your order contact the Court Officer assigned to your order.

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